2017 Speakers

This is the finalized Keynote speaker list with topics and speaking times for 2017. More information will follow!

Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
A.M. Keith Parker
"The Prayer of Faith"
Sam Long
"Christ's Prayer Life"
Ken Wilson
"The Prayer of John 17"
Mark Blackwelder
"Communication: God to Man, Man to God"
Kevin Schwiger
"Conditions of Successful Prayer"
John DeBerry
"Prayer According to His Will"
P.M. Chris Swinford
"Prayer and Spiritual Combat"
Ralph Gilmore
"God's Promise to Answer"
Joe Wells
"Prayer: Leave Your Burdens"
Hi Jones
"Prayer Demands a Humble Heart"
David Hester
"Prayer Through Suffering"
Bruce McClarty
"Being Honest With God: Self-Reflection"

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